We are making plans to improve the storage facilities in the Equipment Storeroom to make better use of the space available, improve access to all equipment and thereby improve safety within the area.

The first stage is to remove any items that are no longer required or “owned” by any users.  To this end there are a set of poles and a battery that we don’t recognise or know who the owners might be (see pictures below).  Do you use either of these items?  Please let us know if so by emailing


Following our regular user survey in the summer, the hall lighting was commented on as needing improvement by several groups. We are therefore planning to replace the current light fittings with LED lighting that can be dimmed.

LED will save energy and we hope the bulbs will be more durable with lower maintenance costs as a result. With the dimmer function, badminton players will be able to select lower brightness so they don’t ‘lose the shuttle’ in the lights, whilst cricketers can opt for more light to be able to see a ball bowled at speed.

The installation will entail a short hall closure but we will liaise with any affected users and keep disruption to a minimum.

If hall members have any comments or suggestions about this, please email


We hope you find the new Winchcombe Sports Hall website a big improvement on the old one, but please let us have your feedback/suggestions by emailing

You will see there is a page for CLUBS where clubs, groups and teams can describe themselves, when they have the hall booked for their activity, encourage new members and provide further contact details and links.  If you would like to be represented on this page please send your details to our secretary at the email address above.