Following the latest Government directives Winchcombe Sports Hall will be able to partially re-open from 12 April and fully re-open from 17 May.


From Monday 12 April the hall will be able to partially re-open for individual use, and for use by members of the same household.

In addition:

Personal coaching sessions can take place on a 1:1 basis, or with one household.

Organised indoor sport in groups is allowed for under-18s, following sport-specific guidance where appropriate.

Parent and child activities can take place with a limit of 15 attendees. Children under the age of five do not count towards the attendee limit.

17 May

The hall will be able to re-open fully for all users (and there does not appear to be a requirement to observe the rule-of-six as there was last time it was open).


Because of the prolonged last lockdown and the fact that some people with regular bookings have not used the hall since the first lockdown, all bookings have been suspended temporarily pending people contacting us to confirm they want to reinstate their bookings, and when from.  Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm your booking requirements at:

Long standing bookings will be kept in reserve for when people can return, but the slots may be used by others temporarily in the meantime.

In the same way, where people were using such temporary slots last year and there is now a requirement to reinstate a long standing booking then this temporary use will have to cease.


We would like to welcome Rosie Green as our new Secretary.  She has been easing into the role since our gradual reopening commencing in April. 

She will be the person who now responds to all emails addressed to  and can be contacted by phone or text on our usual number of  07823 772469.


Following our regular user survey in the summer, the hall lighting was commented on as needing improvement by several groups. We have therefore  replaced the current light fittings with LED lighting that can be dimmed. 

LED will save energy and we hope the bulbs will be more durable with lower maintenance costs as a result. With the dimmer function, badminton players will be able to select lower brightness so they don’t ‘lose the shuttle’ in the lights, whilst cricketers can opt for more light to be able to see a ball bowled at speed.

Having installed the lights they now switch on automatically as you enter the main hall.  There is no further need to use the switches in the cupboard and these MUST NOT BE SWITCHED OFF as this will reset the settings on the lights.  Similarly the lights will switch off automatically after people have left the hall.

If hall members have any comments or suggestions about this, please email


It is important that all users help to keep this area clean and tidy to enable easy access to equipment, prevent equipment damage and for reasons of health and safety.  

So when putting equipment away please do your best to achieve this, and thankyou to those that already do.


We hope you find the new Winchcombe Sports Hall website a big improvement on the old one, but please let us have your feedback/suggestions by emailing

You will see there is a page for CLUBS where clubs, groups and teams can describe themselves, when they have the hall booked for their activity, encourage new members and provide further contact details and links.  If you would like to be represented on this page please send your details to our secretary at the email address above.